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25 Mar 2015

Cygnus Returns - March Event Notes: Part 2

Dear Maplers,

Have you been knighted by Princess Violetta? Don’t you just love how adorably cute she is?

To commemorate her special day, the Mushroom Kingdom has decided to put on a spectacular show, just for the Princess! But it wouldn’t be special unless YOU were part of it as well!


Event Details:

• Available Date: From 25th March 2015 onward. (Permanent Event)
• Level Requirement: 13 and above.
• Event Initiation: “[Violetta’s Wish] Let’s Soar! Princess” quest from Star Icon Notifier or Maple Administrator.

[Violetta’s Wish] Let’s Soar! Princess

1. You will be automatically send to the event map and run through some cut scene upon you accept the quest.
2. After going through the cut scene, you will be send back to the your previous map.
3. Please note that you will need to look for NPC “Maple Administrator” in order to complete the quest.
4. Once you completed the quest, you will now see “[Violetta’s Wish] Warriors Gather” quest is now available from Star Icon Notifier or NPC “Maple Administrator”.

[Violetta’s Wish] Warriors Gather

1. You will be automatically send to the event map upon accept the quest.
2. Talk to Captain of the Guards to participate in the mini game.
3. Once you complete the quest, remember to redeem your rewards before leave the event map.
4. Do note that this quest is only repeatable 10 times per day.

– MapleSEA Administrator