17 Jan 2018

NOVA: Moras Event Notes (v173)

Dear Maplers,

NOVA comes to a close, but the events are still going to continue in full swing! Enjoy a series of new events before exploring Moras!


Ongoing Events

NOVA Step Up (until 26 February 2018, 2359hrs)

Table of Contents

1. NOVA Box & Coin Shop Season 3
2. Speed Hunting! Haste Event!
3. Festival Sugar Time
4. Beautyroid Season 2
5. The Brain God

Upcoming Events (v1.73)

6. Sunday Maple Benefits (Starts 4 February 2018)
7. Chinese New Year 2018 (Starts 7 February 2018)
8. Maplehood Watch (Starts 7 February 2018)
9. Magpie's New Year (Starts 7 February 2018)
10. Cassandra's Valentine (Starts 7 February 2018)
11. White Day (Starts 11 February 2018)
Event Notes for events in February will be made available at a later time.


NOVA will be incomplete without its very own Coin and Coin Shop! As NOVA ends, the shop refreshes and brings in new items while keeping some of the previous shop's items!

Season 3 Coin Shop Duration: 17 January 2018 (After Patch) ~ 26 February 2018, 2359hrs
NOVA Box Drop Duration: 15 November 2017 (After Patch) ~ 26 February 2018, 2359hrs

NOVA Boxes


• Kill Level Range Monsters to obtain rare NOVA Boxes!
   → Level Range Monsters are monsters between -20 and +20 of your Character's Level.
• NOVA Boxes will be automatically consumed upon loot to award 1 image NOVA Coin.
• You can obtain up to 60 image NOVA Coins from NOVA Boxes daily.

NOVA Coin Shop


Manon (or what seems to be Manon dressed up for Winter) has opened a shop to sell goodies during this NOVA patch in Major Towns. Be sure to catch the exclusive Cosmos Ring sold in the Coin Shop!
Furthermore, you can now access the shop from the Star Notifier > NOVA Shop Icon on the left side of your screen. The NOVA Coin Shop accepts image NOVA Coins obtainable from events.



Time to haste it up a notch! Complete missions, get rewards! Simple, fast and rewarding!

Duration: 17 January 2018 (After Patch) ~ 30 January 2018, 2359hrs
Requirement: Level 33+ (Zero classes must complete Story Chapter 2)
How to Start: Accept the quest [NOVA] Speed Hunting! Haste Event! from the Star Icon on the left side of the screen.

During the Haste Event, the server goes at a hastened speed! During this event, the following will be the new norm:-
• Elite Monsters will appear at a faster rate
• Rune Appearance and Cooldown Time has been reduced
• Rune EXP Buff has been increased
• Sudden Mission cooldown has been reduced
• Sudden Mission Maximum Limit has been doubled
• Bounty Hunter Portals will appear at a faster rate
• EXP obtained from Flame Wolf has been increased
• Boss Party Formation Buff has been increased

Are you ready to prove your speed?
We have a ton of activities lined up this Haste Event! Hunt monsters and complete objectives!



• Hunt 999 Level Range Monsters
• Hunt 20 Elite Monsters
• Hunt 1 Elite Boss
• Clear Bounty Hunter Portals 3 times
• Participate in Flame Wolf 1 time
• Use 5 runes
• Clear 3 Sudden Missions
• Achieve 500 Combo Kill count
• Achieve 100 Multi Kills

Complete daily missions to obtain rewards such as Yellow Cubes, Purple Cubes, Crimson Resurrection Flame, Rainbow Resurrection Flame, Spell Traces, and other Enhancement Items!

If you think you're up for it, unlock a Hidden Mission weekly for special rewards! Are you speedy enough to haste through all these missions?

hasteTitle hasteChairGIF


20 January 2018 is a special day! Log in and join us in Festival Sugar Time, where staying online nets you a sweet reward!

Duration: 20 January 2018, 1200hrs ~ 20 January 2018, 2359hrs
Requirement: Level 33+ (Zero classes must complete Story Chapter 2)
How to Start: Accept the quest from the Festival Sugar Time Icon on the left side of the screen.

Event Mechanics

• On 20 January 2018, between 1200hrs ~ 2359hrs, accept the quest [Festival] Festival Sugar Time from the Star Notifier on the left side of the screen.
• Stay online on between the event period, and receive NOVA Coins, 2X EXP Coupons and a chance to win up to 1,000,000 Maple Points!
• For every 30 minutes for up to 120 minutes you are connected, rewards can be obtained!
• The playtime will be cumulative up to 120 minutes, upon which the timer will pause until all rewards have been claimed.
• You can participate in Festival Sugar Time up to 5 times per MapleID.


Each reward can be obtained by clicking on the "Get" Button on the UI. The list of rewards obtainable from each tier is as follows:
30 Minutes: image NOVA Coin x10
60 Minutes: image NOVA Coin x10 + 2x EXP Coupon (15 min)
90 Minutes: image NOVA Coin x10
120 Minutes: Festival Sugar Box + Festival Sugar Coin Box + 2x EXP Coupon (15 min)

Festival Sugar Box Contents
Festival Sugar Box*: Rewards 500 Mileage, with a small chance to receive jackpot rewards such as Maple Points, up to 1,000,000, Cadena Legendary Absolabs Weapon Box, Augmented Lucid's Soul, or Master Fairy Full Package Coupon!
Festival Sugar Coin Box: Rewards more and more image NOVA Coins the more it's used.

*Note: If Mileage cannot be obtained directly due to settlement or Maximum Obtained Mileage or various other reasons, Mileage Bundles will be awarded in the form of a Consumable item. 1 USE item slot is required to open the Festival Sugar Box.


Atelier d'Avenir Re-opens in Maple World! Care to check out what took Maple World by storm in June last year? Enter the classy lobby of Atelier d'Avenir to find out more!

Details of Beautyroid's first release can be found in the following link: Beautyroid Event Highlights (v168)

As Season 2 builds upon completing the first season's story, it's highly suggested for newbies to Atelier to check out the first season!

Duration: 24 January 2018, 1000hrs (After Maintenance) ~ 26 February 2018, 2359hrs
Requirement: Level 33+ (Zero classes must complete Story Chapter 2)

What's in Season 2?

• All events from Season 1
• Additional Story after completing the main storyline available in Season 1
• Two all-new Beautyroids in the Coin Shop
• Special commemorative items in the Coin Shop
• Checkpoints have been added in Rescue Mode
• Beautyroid Repair Kits and Atelier Worker Shields have been added in Rescue Mode
• and more! Explore Atelier d'Avenir at your leisure to find out all the secrets it hides!

bts2Medal image

The Brain God

The fun-loving animals, including all-knowing One-Two Punch Cat and and its gang are back! This time, they want to dig deep into your brains and conduct research to find the Brain God!

Duration: 31 January 2018, 1000hrs (After Maintenance) ~ 20 February 2018, 2359hrs
Requirement: Level 33+ (Zero classes must complete Story Chapter 2)
How to Start: Accept the quest from the [Event] Brain God Research Center Opened from the Brain God Icon in the Star Notifier on the left side of the screen.

Event Mechanics

• An event invitation to test your brain skills in their research will appear on the top of your head at the 15th minute of every hour, from 0800hrs to 2200hrs.
• Answering the questions correctly and obtain points! Move towards A or B to select your answer.
• Beware of a few tricks up the Researcher's sleeves! Move fast, precise, and accurately!
• Even in the case of an incorrect answer, there will be a chance to earn more points. All participants will be able to vote for who they think is the true Brain God, and if their guess is correct, points can be obtained!
• Collect points to exchange them for rewards!


Accumulate points and exchange them for special rewards from the dialogue window. Many rewards to be obtained!


Til' the next event notes for our February events (coming out really soon), Happy Mapling!