15 Apr 2015

Back to the Old Maple

Dear Maplers,


Reminiscing the old days of Maple World? Thinking back of how simple life back then is in game? Would you give anything to get a glimpse of all of these again?

Then keep your heads up and lookout for the “Back to the Old Maple” event in game, starting from 15th April 2015! Bring back part of the nostalgia of old Maple World and relive those precious memories once again!

Event Details:

• Available Date: 15/04/2015 – 19/05/2015, 0900Hrs (GMT +8)
• Level Requirement: Level 13+
• Event Initiation: Star Icon Notifier
• Start Quest: A Crack in the Dimensional Mirror

How to participate?

• Start the quest “A Crack in the Dimensional Mirror” before heading into the Old Maple world via the Mirror of Dimension
• Inside the Old Maple World, various quests awaits. If you’ve played MapleStory back then, see if the quests in there feels familiar to you
• You can travel between towns by using the Regular Cab service in Old Maple World
• Collect Old Maple Coins from the quests in Old Maple World! Use them to purchase a wide variety of items and equipment from NPC Inkwell; who is located at the town area in Old Maple World.
• Lookout for repeatable quests! You can collect as many Old Maple coins as you wish!

What’s available in Inkwell’s Shop?



*Please note that all the equipment available in Inkwell shop are only for Pre-Legend Characters.

– MapleSEA Administrator