1. MapleSEA Blockbuster: Black Heaven
2. Class Overhaul: The Resistance Reorganized
3. Other Class Adjustments
4. Miscellaneous Changes

MapleSEA Blockbuster: Black Heaven


Pieces of a grand plan has been set in motion. As an uncertain darkness looms over the sky, the Maple Alliance has rallied a Call to Arms for each and every able-bodied person in Maple World.

Will you answer the call?

This blockbuster series of contents is available to characters who are at least level 33. To begin, simply click on the red Maple Alliance icon on the left side of the screen and select the quest,

[Black Heaven] For Maple World

to begin your epic journey to fight alongside allies of the Maple Alliance.

Act 1: Secrets in the Wings (available from 29th July 2015, 0900hrs)

Ten Boogies, a Cygnus Knights intelligence agent, was captured by the enemy while investigating something dangerous related with the Black Wings. Rescue Informant Ten Boogies and get information about the dangers ahead.

Act 2: To War, Crystal Garden! (available from 29th July 2015, 0900hrs)

Black Heaven was an airship built to destroy Maple World. The battle to protect Maple World from Black Heaven is about to start.

Act 3: Clash in the Heavens (available from 12th August 2015, 0900hrs)

The airship you barely fought off was not Black Heaven. The Maple Alliance couldn’t help but be astonished by Black Heaven’s huge scale which doesn’t compare with the previous airship. Luckily you have your hands on the blueprints for Black Heaven with the help from Francis who sneaked into Crystal Garden to rescue Orchid. Will Maple Alliance find a way to counterattack?

Act 4: Returning Fire (available from 26th August 2015, 0900hrs)

The mission was a failure. Gelimer knew the Resistance members, Brighton, Belle and Checky were rallying an attack and brought their airship down. You left Crystal Garden bearing the responsibility of letting prisoner Francis go and leaking information. Francis contacts you about confidential information. What could the confidential information be?

Act 5: ????? (to be released in the next update)

Act 6: ????? (to be released in the next update)

Class Overhaul: The Resistance Reorganized

Character Creation
• Resistance characters can now select between Male or Female gender during creation
• 2 new face and hairstyles have been included for the Resistance class creation


All original Resistance classes (Battle Mage, Mechanic, Wild Hunter) will now automatically learn a skill that will instantly return them to Edelstein.

Battle Mage

The battle mages of the Resistance have been strengthened, reinforcing their skills and honing their abilities to fight with dark magic. They have a bound contract with a grim reaper - a cute looking minion with the ability to unleash its true devastating form onto its opponents.

Class Changes Summary

• The Battle Mage utilizes its grim reaper, Death to do his/her bidding in assisting to defeat monsters.
• In order to promote better party gameplay, the Battle Mage’s aura system has been reworked; auras are no longer self-stackable, while more aura skills have been added.
• The first magician class that allows teleportation while in midair



The masters of mech armor combat have returned with smoother and more convenient fighting styles. Choose to eliminate enemies while mounted on the mech armor, either in humanoid or tank form!

Class Changes Summary

• Siege mode has been removed and incorporated into some of the Mechanic’s skills
• Switching between Mech Armor modes are now alot smoother, design and movement visuals have also been renewed
• The Mech Armor: Tank mode can also now climb ladders and ropes.


Wild Hunter

The mounted riders have built more affinity with their jaguars. You can now opt to fight either while mounted or side-by-side with your trusted jaguar companion(s)!

Class Changes Summary

• Wild Hunters can now fight in 2 modes - mounted jaguar or summoned jaguar
• You can now manage your jaguars and easily switch them on the go via the Jaguar Management skill


Other Class Adjustments

The following classes will have their skills adjusted, as such:


 Dual Blade

Blade Fury
Damage increased from 165% to 200%

Phantom Blow
Damage increased from 200% to 240%

Final Cut
• Range has been reduced
• A disconnection issue with using Final Cut while having a pet equipped has been resolved.

Chains of Hell
Added a 45-second cooldown, as well as making you invincible for 3 seconds, during which you may still use other skills.

Cooldown reduced from 90s to 60s; does not trigger Damage Reflect



Unity of Power
• Cooldown reduced from 20s to 10s
• Max number of stacks increased from 3 to 4
• Energy consumption reduced from 2500 to 1500 while in Charged form

Damage increased from 270% to 320%

Ultra Charge
Stance increased from 98% to 100%

Pirate’s Revenge
• Can be activated once every 50 seconds
• Trigger chance reduced from 40% to 25%
• Duration reduced from 45s to 30s
• Increased Damage Reduction from 30% to 70% when triggered
• Increased Damage Boost from 15% to 25% when triggered



Brain Scrambler
Skill delay decreased from 520 to 310



Rising Rush
• Down key can now be pressed while using this skill to omit knockback
• Linking skills after monster have been sent airborne has reduced skill delay

Stunning Strikes
Damage increased from 240% to 260%

Advanced Stunning Strikes
Damage increased from 288% to 300%

Aerial Barrage
Skill delay reduced from 870 to 630

Rolling Moonsault
• Downward attack range increased
• Skill delay reduced from 810 to 540

Leaf Tornado
• Downward attack range increased
• Damange increased from 215% to 235%

Gust Dive
Can now be linked to Wrath of Enreal

Spikes Royale
Can no longer be used while in midair

Wrath of Enreal
• Can now be linked with Stunning Strikes, Unicorn Spike, Gust Dive, Lightning Edge
• Reduces cooldown by 1 second per each skill that is linked


Demon Avenger

Demon Strike
Using this skill no longer resets the Exceed counter

Star Force Conversion (new)
• Located at ‘Beginner’ tab
• Increases Maximum HP, increase is proportionate to amount of Star Force

Forbidden Contract
• 30% HP Boost changed to 10% Damage Boost
• Cooldown reduced from 90s to 75s


Demon Slayer

Demon Cry
• Demon Fury consumption increases per continuous use within 15 seconds, stacks up to 4 times
• New Increased Consumption Rate: 30 -> 60 -> 90 -> 120 -> 150

Infernal Concussion
• Demon Fury consumption reduced from 50 to 25
• Skill delay reduced from 1890 to 1140

Demon Impact
Boss Damage increased from 30% to 40%

Dark Thrust
Skill delay reduced from 900 to 720

Chaos Lock
• Skill delay reduced from 810 to 600
• Can now be used while in midair

Metamorphosis - Enhance
5 seconds before the ignore Damage Reflect effect wears off, the effect will blink over the character’s head


Angelic Buster

Pretty Exaltation
Recharge chance removed, ignores Defense by 30%, adds Boss Attack by 20%, adds 15% chance to trigger Soul Seeker Expert’s activation

Melody Cross
Accuracy boost removed, increased Attack Speed by 1 level, and increases HP by 2500 (at max level)

Supreme Supernova
Added ignore Damage Reflect

Miscellaneous Changes

Hekaton & Kritias


• Increased rewards for participating in taking down Hekaton
• If you are part of the bracket of 50% of players who dealt the most damage, a bonus 1.5x EXP Coupon will be rewarded
• Some shop item prices from NPC Kuelbern has been adjusted
• Personality trait items are now available from NPC Kuelbern

Boss Medal of Honor


• When defeating Boss Monsters, Boss Medal of Honor(s) will drop
• These medals when picked up, will give players Honor EXP, which is more than the normal Medals.

Damage Skin Updates


• More Damage Skins are now available for Zero class!
• However take note that skins that are still unavailable to be used by Zero will be stated in the description

ZEN Advancement Related Quests & Issues

• Drop rates of items for ZEN’s 4th Advancement have been increased significantly
• Players who have used Mastery Books on the skill “Dragon Immolation” will be reimbursed accordingly. More details will be given out after game services have gone live.

Star Planet

Main Changes

• Location entry of Star Arena has been changed for convenience
• Star Point gauge will now show your current SP amount as well as percentage, your Star Rank bar will also now display your current SP

Star Monsteropoly

• Number of monsters trained and in possession will now be displayed in the UI
• An information window will display details such as monster’s Attack Power, Enhancement Cost and activated Special Effects
• New effects have been added to the random effect tiles found at the corners of the game board. On top of the previously available effects, the following are also available:
- Switch one opponent’s monster with one of yours
- Select one of opponent’s tamed monsters and reduce its enhancement level
- Select one of opponent’s tamed monsters to release it
- Select one monster to have its Attack Power doubled for 5 turns
- Select one monster for a free enhancement
- 3rd placed player will drain 100HP from the 1st & 2nd placed players
- One random monster from the 1st placed player will be given to the 3rd placed player
• Monster tiles with special effects have been added into the board. Effects displayed will be according to the play that lands on them
- You cannot enhance or charm monsters on these special tiles
- Pipsqueak Hilla - Upon landing on the tile, owners will gain 200HP, while other players will trigger her to mark areas of the board in red. After 3 turns, she will deal 200HP damage to players in the red areas
- Arkarium - Upon landing on the tile, if you are the owner it will deal 100HP damage to everyone except you
- Pipsqueak Von Leon: Upon landing on the tile, if you are the owner you can choose which tile to move to on your next turn. Other players will be imprisoned by the Aerial Prison for one turn.
- Magnus: Upon landing on the tile, if you are the owner it will mark areas on the board in purple. Any players that land on the purple space will lose three turns.
- Petit Luminous: Upon landing on the tile, the owner will gain 100HP
- Petit Phantom: If you are the owner, all game action costs e.g Taming, Seducing, Enhancing will be reduced by 10%

Star One Card

•The penalty imposed on idle participants in the game are now reinforced and will be more strict
• Participants that idle for at least 3 turns will forfeit their reward and penalized during game matching

1 vs 100 Rock-Paper-Scissors

• Participants taking part in the event will now have a speech bubble above their heads.
• The speech bubble will indicate as to whether a player has survived the round or has been eliminated.

Raid! Keyboard Defense

• Participants will now have individual life bars. If a player gets taken out, the remaining players will continue, until the game ends with one player
• Words are now color indicated to match the participants’ indicator.
• Defend by clearing words sharing your color
• Attack by clearing words sharing your opponents’ color

Star Game of Yut

• Participants can now choose another piece to move, as long as they have not moved any other piece yet. This can only happen if there are more than one selectable piece played on the board.

Misc In-Game Related UI & Changes

• ‘Trouble Logging In’ and ‘2nd Password Error’ prompts will now have 2 options - ‘OK’ to send you to the respective website, ‘Cancel’ to return to the game
• For security measures, temporary tradeblocks will be imposed if the system detects the account being logged in from a suspicious IP address

- MapleSEA Administrator