The You & I update focuses on bringing the original fun back into Maplestory – to make hunting more enjoyable, entertaining and exciting for Maplers. The current gameplay system has been revamped to reduce boredom and make it even more fun for Maplers to enjoy leveling up together. Instead of the boring and monotonous killing sprees, Maplers can now enjoy a more dynamic system while training in normal hunting maps.


1. Combat System Update
2. Scrolling System Update
3. Community Revamp
4. Equipment Update
5. Content Revamp
6. New Character Class : Eunwol (will only be available on 3rd December 2014)
7. Content Readjustments
8. Silent Crusade (Cross Hunter) Revamp
9. Blocking of Class Creations

1. Combat System Update

Elite Monster System


In the past, players kill the same monsters over and over again in the maps that they are in. In this new patch, Elite Monsters will appear randomly after normal monsters in the map are killed over a certain period of time. This eliminates boredom in the game. Elite Monsters are larger and stronger, and gives better drops than normal monsters. It is similar to the effect of a character consuming a transformation potion that makes you larger as the same formula is used to make the monster appear as much as 3 times larger than their normal size.

Elite Boss System


To improve further on the dynamic hunting system, the Elite Boss has also been introduced in this patch. While they are much rarer to find as compared to the Elite Monster, extreme caution is advised to Maplers who run into them. The Elite Boss makes its appearance known by a special warning trigger. The map that you are currently in will transform into a special map with only the Elite Boss and 2 Elite Monsters alongside it. Be wary, as the Elite Boss has the ability to curse and debuff Maplers within the vicinity, making the already challenging fight to be even tougher.


Upon defeating the Elite Boss, the map will once again transform into the Bonus Stage, where everyone in the map can join in to receive a variety of rewards – from small EXP boosts, to obtaining equipment that has a higher chance to be of Epic tier or higher.

2. Scrolling System Update

Spell Traces

In this update, scrolls will cease to drop from monsters as a new scrolling system will be in effect as of this patch. A new item called the Spell Trace will now drop from monsters globally. All players level 20 and above can use the Spell Trace to enhance their equipments. No more hassle of finding the specific spots to hunt for the scrolls that you want!

• Requirement: Lv. 20 or above
• You can now use new Spell Traces to enhance equipment. Monsters will drop the scroll when hunting.
• The equipment’s type, level, and enhancement success rate will determine how many Spell Traces are needed.
• When using Spell Traces, the chances of the item being destroyed on failure is 0% – there is no chance of the item being destroyed
• Failing to enhance with Spell Traces will not destroy the equipment, but it will take away an upgrade count.
• Old scrolls will not be dropped by monsters after this revamp

3. Community Revamp

Account Buddy System

• The Account Buddy system registers your friends on the account level.
• Once a friend is registered this way, even if they switch to another character, you can still communicate and interact with them.
• Your friend will be showed as online once his/her character is logged in your world.
• You can select to add your friend either as an account buddy or a regular buddy when adding them to your Buddy List.

4. Equipment Update

• Several pieces of equipment with 100LV or below now have set bonuses.The set effects are based on 20 level intervals.
• Dropped items now have a special effect to show the rank of the potential
• You can now see the rank of an item’s potential without having to identify it!

5. Content Revamp

Rune System

• The Rune system has been added!
• After certain periods of time, Runes will spawn in maps.
• Four types of Runes available.
• Input command will be displayed on screen – players have 10 seconds to press the keys in the sequence shown.
• Runes have a variety of effects, but one common one they have is that they will give you 2X EXP for 2 minutes.

Damage Effects Display

• The display of damage effects has been changed.
• In the options you can now choose between the existing and new damage effects.
• It basically makes damage ‘fade out’ by moving up and becoming smaller a.k.a. Volcano Effect.
• It also applies to damage taken.

Combo Kill and Multi Kill System

When you kill 3 or more monsters in one skill, it counts as a Multi Kill, and when you kill many monsters in a row, it counts as Combo Kills. Based on your Kill streaks, you’ll receive bonus experience from monsters.

New Tutorial Guide

• The Maple Tutorial has been added! It is available for users level 10 to 140, and will recommend quests, maps, and content based on your level.
• Quests recommended by the tutorial can be automatically started remotely, and you can also teleport to any recommended maps or content instantly.

Return to Character Screen Selection

• You will now be able to return to your character selection screen without having to go through the hassle of logging in all the way from the start, just to log on to another character within the same account.
• Please be informed that you will not be able to perform the character selection while in Cross World contents such as the Cross World Party Quests and Hekaton

Inner Ability Updates

Honor Level has been deleted and Honor EXP has been reset, including any Honor EXP that was previously accumulated.

Harvesting Updates

The entry limits to the harvesting areas have been removed and no Entry Pass is required. All required elements can be obtained from the harvesting area.

6. New Character Class : Eunwol *will only be available on 3rd December 2014

Eunwol is another addition to the collective of Heroes who plays a critical role in sealing the Black Mage in the past. A pirate class by nature, he is the first of his class type to have access to the ability to teleport around. Meanwhile, he is also the first character in MapleSEA to be able to perform the skill cancellation ability.

• Weapon Category: Knuckle
• Secondary Type: Fox Beads
• Playstyle: Melee, Variable Range

7. Content Readjustments

Content/Areas Temporarily Blocked

• Azwan (including Hilla)
• Spiegelmann’s Gallery
• Ariant Colosseum
• Monster Carnival
• Mini Dungeons
• Korean Folk Town
• Omega Sector
• Mushroom Kingdom Themed Dungeon
• Kerning Square Mall
• Florina Beach Themed Dungeon
• Part of Ellinia Forest
• Chryse Theme Dungeon
• Tera Forest Themed Dungeon

Content Level Adjustments

• Professions Town, Ardentmill: Minimum Level 35
• Cross World Party Quest: Minimum Level 70
• Nett’s Pyramid: Minimum Level 80
• The Evolving System: Minimum Level 105
• Silent Crusade: Minimum Level 105
• Mu Lung Dojo: Minimum Level 120
• Root Abyss: Minimum Level 125
• Monster Park: Minimum Level 100+
• Normal/Chaos Zakum: Minimum Level 90
• Lord Balrog: Level 65-100

Zakum’s Prequest

• All Zakum modes are now accessibly via Party
• The requirement to complete the Zakum prequest has been removed
• Instead players can obtain the “Eye of Fire” from NPC Adobis before making their way into the Altar
• You now have a limit of 2 clearances daily, regardless of which Zakum mode you participated in
• Zakum clearance count will now reset at midnight everyday

8. Silent Crusade (Cross Hunter) Revamp

The Silent Crusade Reorganization

• Level ranges of quests have been adjusted accordingly
• A number of the Master Monsters have been given an updated look!
• The Silent Crusade Weapon Scroll reward has been replaced with Spell Trace

image image

image image

9. Blocking of Class Creation

Please be informed that the following classes will be blocked/available at the following dates:

12th November 2014

Availability: ALL except Eunwol, Zero, Xenon

3rd December 2014

Availability: ALL except Zero & Xenon (Class Opening for Eunwol)

17th December 2014

Available: ALL

– MapleSEA Administrator