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2nd Password Reset Function for MapleSEA | 08.05

Dear Maplers,

Please note that the 2nd Password Reset Function for MapleSEA is now available in Asiasoft Passport as of today.

Maplers who has forgotten their 2nd password, please visit Asiasoft Passport now to reset your password and the new 2nd password will be send to the E-Mail address that you have registered with Asiasoft Passport account.

How to perform 2nd Password Reset?

1. Login into your Asiasoft Passport Account.

2. Click on the ‘view’ to enter and view your MapleSEA account.

3. Click on the ‘Reset 2nd Password’

4. You will be send to the following page as shown below:

Please note that you have to select the Gateway that you want to reset the 2nd password. If you are playing Fornax World, please select Malaysia Gateway and key in your 6 Digit Pin. If you are playing Aquila, Bootes, Cassiopeia, Delphinus or Eridanus, please select Singapore Gateway.
5. After clicking on ‘Submit’, you will received an email on the NEW PASSWORD for your 2nd password.

From here onwards, you will be to login to your 2nd password.

Happy Mapling!

– MapleSEA Administrator

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