08 Jan 2014

Sengoku High School

Dear Maplers,

Maple High School is back… but no longer in the way that you recognized! Oda Nobunaga has made his appearance and taken over the school while you were away! The Four Pillars of Heaven – Joe Joe, Hermoninny, Little Dragon and Ika could not defend the High School, even with their combined strength.

- Event duration: 8th January 2014 ~ 29th January 2014, 2359hrs
– Minimum level requirement: 13


How to Enter the Sengoku High School

• Head to the Event Map, which is accessed via the Dimensional Mirror / Quick Travel found in towns e.g El Nath
NPC Boss Kumi will be in Event Map. Talk to her to be sent to the school.
• You will be directed to the Sengoku Principal’s Office where you will meet Oda Nobunaga standing over the fallen High School heroes.

Accessing the High School

• Maplers will be able to access the school once a day by completing a task set by NPC Boss Kumi. (New Sengoku School)


• Alternatively, Maplers can purchase Sengoku Remedial Challenge Tickets from the Cash Shop for extra attempts to collect even more Oda Coins!


Sengoku High School Layout

• Similar to the Maple High School, Maplers are required to traverse far in to the school and defeat opponents in a stage by stage basis
• To proceed on to the next stage, NPC Oda Nobunaga will appear after defeating the opponent. Click on him to be able to access the portal to the next stage.
• For each stage cleared, Maplers will be rewarded with EXP and Oda Coins
• In some stages, Sengoku Coins can be obtained as a bonus reward
• Be wary, some of these opponents are not to be messed with!


Collector Goemon, Sengoku Seller

The Oda Coins you have obtained can be exchanged for equipment via NPC Collector Goemon, who can be found at the first map upon entering the School.

Equipment that can be exchanged:


Upon equipping all the equipment together, you will gain a set bonus effect:


Also, as a bonus, after equipping all 5 items, talk to Oda Nobunaga and complete the quest Sengoku Brave Warrior Manual to receive the skill Sengoku Secret Manual:


So head over to the Sengoku High School today and stop Oda Nobunaga from taking over the school!

• All equipment exchanged from the NPC Collector Goemon will be Season 2 items except the Hayato Crescent Ring.
• When purchasing the Sengoku Remedial Challenge Tickets, kindly ensure that the items are withdrawn from the cash wardrobe and located in your ‘Cash’ tab of your inventory window
• There will not be any reimbursement for loss of reward due to unexpected disconnection of any reason.
• Maplers are advised to use their Sengoku Remedial Challenge Tickets before 29th January 2014, 2359hrs.

Updated on 9th January 2014, 1730hrs (+8 GMT)
Added more information regarding stage clearing and using cash item to access more attempts

– MapleSEA Administrator