23 Apr 2013

Cash Item : Fusion Anvil

Dear Maplers,


With the upcoming update of SEASON 2 Patch, a new cash item (Fusion Anvil) image has been added into the Cash Shop. Fusion Anvil image will be for sale from 24th April to 15th May 2013 (GMT+8).


Fusion Anvil image with the ability to combine the stats of one items with the appearance of another equipment.


With every usage of the Fusion Anvil, a craftsman’s gift box image will be awarded. Players are able to obtain items like Epic Potential 80% scroll, Pink Bean Hat and mounts.

-Fusion Anvil will works on Hats, Eye Accessories, Face Accessories, Tops, Bottoms, Overalls, Shoes, Gloves, Capes, Weapons, Shields and Kataras.
-When fusing using Fusion Anvil, the equipment must be of the same category as the appearance equipment. For Example: you can only change the appearance of the sword with another sword.
-Upon dropping or placing the fused Anvil Equipment on a trade window, the original appearance of the equipment will appear.

-Maple Administrator