Top Up

In MapleSEA, you will need Game Cash (Maple Cash) to purchase Cash Item(s) from the Cash Shop.

You may obtain Maple Cash through the following steps:

Step 1. Top Up @Cash
Step 2. Convert @Cash to Maple Cash


@Cash is conveniently available through various gateways including authorized retailers, credit cards, kiosk and mobile. Please select your preferred payment method below for more information on the top-up method.

Prepaid Card from Authorized Retailers

- Singapore
- Malaysia
- Philippines


- Charge via eNETS
- Charge via iPay88
- Charge via MEPS FPX
- Charge via Paydibs
- Charge via PayPal
- Charge via Maxis Hotlink

Kiosk Channels

- Charge via AXS
- Charge via iNETS
- Charge via SAM

Mobile Channels

- Charge via GX Credits
- Charge via Starhub

Online Channels

- Charge via e-Pay
- Charge via Gamesberry
- Charge via LoadCentral
- Charge via MOL Points
- Charge via OffGamers