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Cash Shop

Functional Items

SP Reset

Not everyone plays the same way, even if you are of the same class as your twin. Not every skill works for you, even if others are masters of it.

Is the Skill Point wasted then? Not at all!

Don’t restrict yourself, create your own unique build!

For 1st Job skillsFor 2nd Job skillsFor 3rd Job skillsFor 4th Job skills

How to Use

Firstly, purchase the SP Reset Scroll from Cash Shop. Don’t confuse it with the AP Reset Scrolls! The SP Reset ones have blue arrows.


Double-click on it and you’ll see your Skill Interface pop up, with downward arrows instead of upward arrows. This step lets you choose which skill level you want to decrease.


After decreasing the skill level you want, the Interface arrows change upwards. This step lets you choose which skill you want to increase. It’s not the last step yet.


This is the confirmation step where you make the final decision to confirm the adjustment of your skills. Select well!