Let's welcome 2015!

Sengoku Revamp

After the eventful experience at Hieizan, Hayato and Kanna seem to have slightly more recollection of memories back in the days of the Sengoku Era. This time, journey together the "Children of the Five Stars" as the both of them oppose the threat of Oda Nobunaga, the 6th Sky Demon King with stronger, newer, revamped skills.

Mystic Gate Returns

Mystic Gates have reappeared in Maple World with its sinister glow in Henesys, Pantheon, and Leafre. Join together with other Maplers and fight the mystic bosses who appear in these portals every weekend! You need to defeat the bosses before they disappear in order to receive EXP bonuses and rewards.

Zombies Apocalypse

The undead have risen and are on the loose all over Maple World! Will you survive the apocalypse? Or will you fall prey and become infected by the spreading virus? The outbreak cannot be stopped...It can only be survived.

Oh! So Yummy!

Everyone loves picnics! Make sure to be invited to attend a Spring Picnic to celebrate the New Year! But wait, you have to prepare and bring your own lunchbox. Will the NPCs find your lunchbox yummy when they taste the treats that you have brought?